how to make a steel ball scolpture

Building Rolling Ball Sculpture - M Gaulden

I build rolling ball sculptures. In principal, they are easy, just build a track for your ball to roll on. In truth, there are many things you need to know. Here I will talk about things of interest related to my work such as challenges, every day stuff and breakthroughs.

Repousse' Tool Making : How-to.

Pyramid shapes, balls in ranks or random order, straight and wavy lines. There are also decorative punches such as flowers, leaves and symbols like hearts, crosses and the suits of cards. Making these, like making character punches, is a technical art. For some basics see: iForge demo, Matrix Punches (Making steel stamps) References and Links

Auto Part Art Dog Sculpture | HGTV

2. Clean all parts with a biodegradable product. 3. Pre-assemble the dog to determine the layout of body parts. Figure out his position, stance, expression, etc. 4. Begin welding parts together. Starting with one foot, weld the metal slug to one of the leg bolts. Then weld three ball bearings to …

20 ideas for unusual garden sculptures. | Interior Design ...

Garden sculptures - make your own furniture - turf. Build beautiful sculptures in clay, brick, concrete, metal. A sofa or armchair with grass looks great in the garden. Choose where you want to build your chair. Create a stable structure into the desired shape of brick, concrete or metal parts. Then cover with fresh grass.

Life size topiaries - TOPIARY ART WORKS

Topiary sculptures in any form. 1. Frame only. Metal frame hand and machine formed round steel bars and tubular reinforcements welded. Form is painted with the use of acrylic rust resistant coat. Powder coating available at extra cost. 2. Frame stuffed with sphagnum moss and if size permits filled with potting soil (peat moss based growers mix).

How to Build / Make Mobiles / Kinetic Sculptures

So by making the parts of a mobile curved downwards, you lower the center of mass, and therefore making it more stable and easier to balance. Also see my blog post Balance – Suspension Points and the Centers of Mass in Abstract Mobile Sculptures and there's also a Wikipedia page about the center of mass that explains more about this.

Top 15 DIY Garden Globes & Gazing Balls Tutorials & Ideas

Make this ball. 4. Easy DIY Mirrored Gazing Ball. These futuristic gazing globes look like an art installation from another planet! One of the many ideas on this list created by using bowling balls, these DIY garden globes were made by Kathy and Steve of The Garden Glove and cost under $10 for supplies.

55 Of The Most Creative Scrap Metal Sculptures | Bored Panda

While making something from metal requires a lot of patience and skills, creating art from recycled metal materials takes even more time and accuracy. The talented artists presented in this list prove, that scrap metal could be transformed even into impressive pieces of art.

Home - Rolling Ball Sculpture

Rolling Ball Sculpture combines art, physics and marbles that roll on two rails from the top to the bottom encountering fun track elements along the way. Get one for the lobby, wall, tabletop, or small enough for the kids to carry around. My rolling ball sculptures are easy to clean and because they are stainless steel these will NEVER rust.

Rolling Ball Sculpture for sale by Stephen Jendro

Kinetic art rolling ball sculpture for sale by Stephen Jendro - welded stainless steel motorized works of art for your home and business. Commission or buy online your own rolling ball sculpture - see prices and availability of my marble run machines.

Metal Balls | Hollow Steel Ball | Hollow Brass Ball ...

Shiny is capable of producing metal Balls to almost any size meet your specification. hollow steel balls in diameter from ∅6mm to ∅200mm (0.23″-8″)in diameter are available with a wall thickness from 0.6mm to 6MM .Our Large Steel Balls from ∅200mm to ∅3500MM with 0.8mm to 16MM thickness. Any large steel balls size than ∅3500mm can be made, we can manufacture an …

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I also knew I was going to have to make a template in order to make one successfully, as I would need some sort of gadget to wrap the metal rod around to make the spiral cone. After much experimenting with template alternatives and various rods and balls, I eventually settled on a good working formula.

How to Make a Steel Sculpture : 10 Steps - Instructables

Sculptures have been around for centuries; however steel sculptures that have been welded are a fairly new concept, with the earliest recorded making of a welded sculpture being around 1932. Sculptures are really fun to make and make a great garden feature.

Do-It-Yourself Metal Wire Garden Spheres | eHow

Garden spheres in different sizes add a touch of whimsy to a garden area or sitting area to make a focal point in your landscape design. This do-it-yourself project is inexpensive and uses metal wire to form the sphere frame.

Eddie's Mind - Rolling Ball Sculptures by Kinetic Artist ...

Rolling Ball Sculptures: Amazing Kinetic Art. A simple rolling ball; it can entertain and educate, inspire and captivate. Even though a rolling ball sculpture can range from super simple to extremely complex, it will always be grounded to the most simple of movements; a ball rolling on a track. Move the ball to the top of the track, let it go ...

Golf Ball Crafts: Ladybugs, Bees, Frogs, Birds | Empress ...

Golf balls (one per buggie, unless you're making something like s or ants where you join several together) 20 gauge galvanized steel wire (for legs and antennae) [ See wire here at ] Metal nuts and washers (as in, the nuts that fit on bolts) for noses and eyes (for quantities see Parts for Each Buggie below)

51 Awesome Ways To Use Christmas Balls and Ornaments In ...

No matter what colors or design you like – use Christmas balls to make your holiday original, memorable and exclusive! Christmas Ornament Centerpieces. Make a cool Christmas centerpiece of Christmas ornaments – put them into bowls, on a tray, in a basket, in a box or in any other piece. You can mix the colors, shapes and sizes or go for the ...